Patricia Shaver


Our goals are to help educate and serve the underprivileged in the Colorado communities as we give them the opportunity to build or re-build their lives. Our purpose has grown over the years from housing inmates that are transitioning back into the community, into helping families over come diverse situations, such as homelessness, poverty, educational challenges, drugs and alcohol abuse, starvation.

We are partnering with socially conscious organizations that are promoting education, affordable housing, human rights, social justice, and economic opportunities and much more for all. So, please look at the website and take your time to promote our cause or donate with in-kind and monetary donations. And always remember that one can only touch a few, but many can hug thousands!

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BPB Floyd Inc

This transitional housing program is designed for unaccompanied male. The primary objective is to provide safe, affordable and supportive housing which will be available to clients from 90 days to 24 months to guide their successful transition to become self-sufficient. Patricia’s parents had a h...

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Voice of Reality

Patricia As a founder of an organization called Voices of Reality, she’s compassionate about exposing troubled inner city children too many opportunities’ in which they otherwise would not experience. At Voices of Reality, we give our youth many opportunities in the broadcasting field. Since the...

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Annual Giveaways

In 2007 Patricia founded "Hugs for Children" Toy Giveaway an event that is held every 3rd Saturday in December, along with toy giveaways, coats, we offer food, hair cuts, and hair/nail done for young ladies. Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway Our goal is to alleviate financial stress for families who a...

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1st Annual Basketball Tournament

Preserving lives in Oak Park involves many components for the underserved youth and community. Such as bringing hope, unity and positive influences to Oak Park so that this community can be acknowledged and valued for more than the violence that is continually reported.    ...

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